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Now will not be with us forever

Take a moment to slow it down


Claritas is a collection of guided reflection kits to help you slow down, re-center and be fully present.

Whether you’re going through a big life change or wanting to be more mindful in the day-to-day, Claritas can help you connect and celebrate in a whole new way. 


Go deeper together

Transform your next girls weekend, book club gathering, or date night by coming together for reflection and mindfulness around a common theme. 



a meaningful gift

Whether its for a wedding, a new mom, or a friend who's going through a hard time, giving a Claritas kit to someone you care about is a way of accompanying them along their journey. 


connect to yourself

Give yourself space to breathe during big life transitions or difficult moments. From moving, to beginning a new job, to starting school, Claritas helps you slow down so you can connect to your own inner clarity.


Here's how it works.

Each box is like your own personal guide walking you through a process of reflection and sharing – plus a little bit of ritual thrown in there too. They include everything you need to create a memorable two hour experience on your own or with your dear ones.


Step 1:

Choose a theme

From topics such as learning to let go, to exploring how to ignite creativity, you’ll choose one of our themed boxes that speaks to you. Each kit is centered around the Big Important Questions, and guides you through some serious reflection in an accessible way.  

Step 2:

Find a moment

Invite your besties or go through it on your own. Whether you’re marking a special occasion like moving to a new home, or creating a memorable moment out of the everyday, going through a Claritas kit is not your typical way to spend an evening with friends. You can do Claritas almost anywhere! Just try to ensure the spot you pick is comfortable and welcoming. 

Step 3:

Let the experience begin!

Now comes the good part. You’ve set the scene, lit a few candles, and your favorite folks are gathered around – most likely with some snacks and a glass of wine (or three). Each box includes a deck of cards with detailed instructions to guide you through the steps. Before you know it, you’ll be writing, laughing, and maybe even burning a little sage.  


Our kits

We’ve gathered the inspiration, and distilled down multifaceted topics into clear steps you can flow through.

Each kit comes with a deck of cards that walks you through the experience step-by-step. The decks are a collection of "ah-ha" moments that we compiled by combining leading psychology research with age old mindfulness traditions around each theme. They provide guidance on how to prepare the space ahead of time, how to facilitate the group (or yourself), and how to carry your fresh new perspective forward.  

When you open your box, you'll find treasures like notebooks bound by hand from recycled paper, sustainably-grown white sage sticks, and handmade brass charms crafted by artisans. Our kits are made of high quality, ethical materials carefully selected for each theme. 

Letting go

We all have things to release - whether they are memories, ways of thinking, or people from our past. This Claritas kit is all about opening up space through the process of letting go.


Igniting creativity

Everyone has the potential to be creative. This kit guides you through each of the five senses to tap into your inherent creative potential.

Cultivating gratitude

Regularly practicing gratitude is central to living a happy and fulfilling life. This kit walks you through a process to uncover new perspectives for things you might otherwise take for granted.

Do you know what you are?
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you are already that.
— Rumi

Our story

Claritas was birthed amongst good friends.

The seed was planted New Years Day in 2016 when we gathered our good friends – and some delicious champagne – around a fire, and together went through a process of reflecting, writing and sharing about the previous year and the one to come. We laughed, we cried, we rang some bells, we listened to each person open up. The experience of connecting in this way was different. We realized we might be on to something special here.


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