We get asked these a lot.


Do you recommend going through a Claritas kit on my own, or with friends?

Either! Going through a kit on your own helps you create a personal retreat to connect with yourself. Sharing the experience with friends or a partner is a special way of spending intentional, beautiful time together that creates a feeling of deep closeness among the group.

If you decide to invite others to join, let them know that while you’ll be sharing with each other at points, each person will be on their own journey and focusing on their own personal reflections around the theme.


How did you create the content for each kit?

We immerse ourselves in leading psychology research and age-old spiritual traditions around each theme. Inspiration ranging from aesthetic poetry, to Bhuddhist mantras, to the writing of contemporary authors all become fodder for what eventually becomes the card deck in your kit. We also scour the planet for unique, ethically produced treasures that bring the ritual to life, like brass bells made by hand in India, handbound recycled paper notebooks, and sustainably-grown California white sage sticks. Together, these make a complete kit that helps you dive deeper into the theme through an embodied reflection practice.


Where should I do my Claritas kit?

You can do Claritas almost anywhere - whether it’s your living room, kitchen table, or a cabin retreat. Just make sure that it’s a place you find comfortable and welcoming, and you feel safe for creativity and expression. We also recommend choosing a quiet spot that’s relatively free from distractions.


I need my kit fast! What is your turnaround shipment time?

No problem. Our kits typically arrive 3-4 business days after you purchase them.


I love the idea, but I don’t see the theme I’m looking for. Do you create custom kits?  

Beautiful! Drop us a note. We’d love to hear how we can make something special just for you.