These people are amazing.

Seriously, though.

Folks from all walks of life use Claritas to connect with themselves, each other, and the present moment. Here are some of their stories.



Born and raised in Romania, Cristina is a consultant by day, and yogi and lover of Rumi by night. "Life has a way of sweeping me up with its twists and turns. It's very easy for me to go through the day without taking a step back to reflect on whether I'm headed in the right direction or, at the very least, if I'm OK. Incorporating time to pause makes me feel more grounded and better able to go through life's messiness without losing my roots."


Melody left her job last year and has since been on a quest to design a meaningful and rewarding life. She's an avid city biker and can often be found tearing up the dance floor. "Leaving my last job was really hard. Moving forward has been a process and I often catch myself in self-defeating thought loops. Telling myself I'm not good enough or that maybe I don't deserve to do the work I want to do. Mindfulness and reflection help me take a step back. To be kinder to myself. And to ultimately get some perspective on how I can create the life I want to live."


Annie is a sculptor and costume designer who creates wearable art from natural materials and paper. She's based in the rolling hills of Virginia, where she works as a carpenter. "Sometimes at the beginning of a new project, I sit in my studio and feel completely lost. I wonder... 'Do I have any more good ideas? How famous could this next piece make me? Why am I doing this?' To be truly creative, I have to clear these doubts, wants and fears. For me, creativity is walking on the path that continually tests my courage." 


Kristen is a bread baker extraordinaire, and is in the process of learning to sew. She's also a boss lady at DC's largest food bank, where she works in fundraising. "At the beginning of this year, I sat down to think about what I wanted to accomplish... and I realized that, unlike in years past, I didn't have any big goals on the horizon. So, I decided to embrace values that typically frightened me: spontaneity, fun, and letting go of endless worry about the future. Thus, the Year of Fun was born. Sustaining this intention over the long haul hasn't always gone smoothly; turns out you can't always count on the rest of the world to support endless Fun. Carving out time for Claritas has helped me to return to this original idea: that I don't need to change - I just need to enjoy my life, and know that I'm enough."

Celia Down at the Farm.jpg


Celía recently moved from DC to Illinois, where she will be doing her Masters in Urban Planning. "My life has always been about change. I moved 8 times and went to several different schools growing up. My automatic response to change has been resistance, which tends to make things worse. It took me years to admit that worship and practice in the four walls of a church didn't feel natural to me. What feels better is nature itself. Over the past couple of years I've been working to connect with cycles like the seasons, the movement of the sun and the phases of the moon to serve as inspiration and as a guide to graceful transitions."

 Photo by  Eric Foster-Moore

Photo by Eric Foster-Moore


Sara recently left her job at an economic consulting firm in Washington, DC to hit the open road, head west, and spend as much time as humanly possible climbing. "My favorite ritual is writing in my journal. As I've road-tripped across the country, I've found myself writing at coffeeshops, gas station parking lots, the backseat of my car, tents, beaches, and mountains. While I've "let go" of my normal routines and habits, this one has stayed. On this trip I've actually found that a ritual I've engaged in for 15 years has taken on new meaning for me; it's become a way not only to process emotions but also to make the moments I'm experiencing richer and fuller."

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Whitney is the boss lady of a boutique tech consulting company and an undercover reality TV fan. "Between running my own business, trying to be supermom to a three and a half-year old, and my feeble attempts at maintaining a social life -- sometimes I just need a moment to pause. It's so easy for me to get caught up in my never-ending to do lists, spreadsheets, and trying to keep my house in order. Since trying Claritas, I've been wearing a tiny string bracelet on my wrist. It has a little gold bell and whenever I see it I'm reminded of those quiet moments when time stands still and I'm at peace."


Nina is a New York native who works in the fashion industry, where she helps choose the color palettes for the clothing you'll be wearing next year. “I’m currently on the brink of change and will be starting my masters soon. As I embark on the next chapter, anxiety and self-doubt run on a loop in my mind. Lately, the little voice in my head has been telling me ‘I’m not smart enough’ and ‘I don’t have anything to offer.’ Incorporating rituals into my life gives me time and space to honor tough emotions, so I can become grounded in the present, receptive to the future, and viscerally aware of how vast and miraculous life is."