Cultivating gratitude

Cultivating gratitude


Gratitude is at the heart of living a happy and fulfilling life. When we take time to regularly give thanks and share that sense of abundance with others around us, we attract more goodness. It's a beautiful cycle, and practicing gratitude is like planting the first seed.

Throughout this ritual, you’ll unfurl scrolls of readings from aesthetic poetry, Quaker philosophy, Benedictine monasticism and Sufism that offer insights into approaching life with a sense of wonder. You’ll take time to honor the gifts of your past and present while uncovering new perspectives for the little things you might otherwise take for granted. Before the ritual comes to a close, you’ll share your new sense of abundance with the world by writing a letter to someone you care about, and tying a small brass charm on your wrist as a visual reminder to create time to cherish your sources of gratitude.

This kit is well suited for people who are embarking on new chapters in their life. Whether you’re getting married, marking a birthday, becoming a parent, celebrating an anniversary, or gathering at a girls weekend, this ritual will help connect you to the aspects of your life that you treasure most. 

This kit includes:

  • The 'Cultivating Gratitude' Claritas deck of cards
  • Hand-bound notebook made from recycled paper
  • 4 scrolls with readings
  • 5 bracelets with brass charms
  • 5 gold envelopes with cards
  • Gold-trimmed burning dish
  • Votive candle and glass holder
  • Cloth place setting made from reclaimed fabric
  • Several small slips of parchment paper


Please note that because each kit includes handmade and reclaimed materials, each box will vary slightly.

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