Igniting Creativity

Igniting Creativity


Everyone has the potential to be creative, though some of us may have been told otherwise from a young age. 

This kit is all about embracing your life itself as a work of art, and focusing on finding joy in the creative process rather than on producing a particular result. It weaves together Celtic traditions, Buddhist philosophy, positive psychology, and the writing of artists from across disciplines.

You’ll begin by cultivating a creative mindset through recalling the imagination of your childhood. You’ll embrace play and experimentation, and fill up your creative well through exploring your memories and dreams. You’ll burn palo santo incense as an entry point for becoming present. You’ll acknowledge fears and self-judgments you might have around your creativity, and rob them of their power by making a cleansing sound with the bell. The ritual will come to a close when you gather the seeds for future creative explorations and place them into a small sachet that you can come back to at any time.

The Igniting Creativity kit is ideal for anyone who’s looking to infuse a sense of deeper presence, attention, and experimentation in their life. It’s the perfect ritual for becoming unblocked and tapping into your inherent artistry.

This kit includes:

  • The ‘Igniting Creativity’ Claritas deck of cards
  • Hand-bound notebook made from recycled paper
  • A handmade brass bell made in India
  • Palo santo incense sustainably harvested in Ecuador
  • Gold-trimmed burning dish
  • A muslin sachet
  • Votive candle and glass holder
  • Cloth place setting made from reclaimed fabric
  • Several small slips of parchment paper


Please note that because each kit includes handmade and reclaimed materials, each box will vary slightly.

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