Letting go

Letting go


We all have things to release - whether they are memories, ways of thinking, or people from our past. This Claritas kit is all about opening up space through the process of letting go, and helps you move from a place of grasping to one of relaxation and freedom. 

This ritual draws inspiration from Buddhist philosophy and indigenous American practices as a grounding for what it means to truly release. It combines these traditions with positive psychology exercises to guide you through a process that flows from setting intentions to clarifying your understanding of what letting go means for your life.

You’ll wind your way through visualizing and naming the specific thought patterns, memories, people, or behaviors that you’re releasing. You’ll write down what’s holding you back before you light it on fire to physically and symbolically watch it turn to ash. You’ll practice deep breathing techniques and use white sage to purify the space.

This kit is well suited for people in the midst of transitions. Whether it is moving to a new place, starting a new job, ending a relationship, becoming an empty nester, or reconciling a friendship, this kit helps you carve out time to move through what can often feel like tough or overwhelming emotions.

By the end of the experience, you’ll see the new space that you’ve opened, feel lighter, and understand how your life will look different now that you’ve let go.

This box includes...

  • The 'Letting Go' Claritas deck of cards
  • California-grown white sage stick
  • Hand-bound notebook made from recycled paper
  • Gold-trimmed burning dish
  • Votive candle and glass holder
  • Cloth place setting made from reclaimed fabric
  • Several small slips of parchment paper



Please note that because each kit includes handmade and reclaimed materials, each box will vary slightly.

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