Our story


After gathering some of our closest friends together for New Years Day and affirming the heck out of each other for 5 hours, we all left cherishing what a special time we had shared and wishing that there were more spaces for deep reflection and genuine connection in our lives. The inspiration marinated for a few days, and then... Boom! The idea for Claritas came to Alanna, our founder, like a flash right in the middle of Shavasana in a Sunday night yoga class. She decided to draw from her experience in facilitation, design, and entrepreneurship to transform the experience three friends had shared into curated kits anyone could enjoy. 


At Claritas, we believe in the transformative power of creating intentional pauses in our lives. These moments help us frame times of struggle in ways that feel important to growing as a human being. They help us to contemplate time and existence and all those Big Things, and to put little mile markers along the years of our lives in an effort to not let all that time just slip away. Ultimately under all those reasons is a deep desire to be fully present in a moment, something that we think rituals embody at their core.


In Latin, the word claritas refers to light or brightness. 

We hope that when you treat yourself to some soul-quenching Claritas time, you are able to tap into a bit of your own inner light. And that you feel like you're shining bright like a diamond.
  Here's our founder, Alanna, lighting a bit of sage in her row house in Washington, DC.

Here's Alanna, lighting a bit of sage in her row house during one of those affirmation sessions with the besties.


Our founder

 Here's me on the blueberry farm. I was a flower child from the beginning, what can I say. 

Here's me on the blueberry farm. I was a flower child from the beginning, what can I say. 

I'm Alanna, the founder of Claritas. I’m an artist, dancer, and feminist living in Washington, DC.

Born on my family’s blueberry farm in Indiana and raised in Georgia, southern hospitality runs in my blood. I’ve hosted extravagant parties and crafted elaborate experiences for my friends for as long as I can remember - starting from a ridiculous spray paint party where we transformed my parents’ basement walls for my thirteenth birthday. Today, I love bringing my dear ones together for homecooked meals on my patio made with ingredients from my local farm share, and hosting art salons where my friends perform their music and poetry in my home.

Since those early farm days in the middle-of nowhere USA, I was bursting with a hunger to get out and see the world. From learning meditation at a Zen monastery nestled on the California coast, to working with women artisans in Kenya, India and Ecuador, I've lived on five continents. Claritas kits are made up of some of my most beautiful finds -- both material and philosophical -- from these journeys.

By day, I’m a facilitator and design thinker at a global NGO that works in reproductive health. By night, I host affirmation sessions with my friends, cook an inordinate of vegetables, and create my own works of art. Claritas came out of this commitment to create beauty, spend intentional time with dear ones, and leave the planet a little bit better than I found it.


We have just only begun to embark on this adventure, so if you like what we're doing (or even if you don't, but mostly if you do) we would love to hear from you.

We're up for talking ritual, mindfulness, and reflection always + forever.